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What About Transfer Applicants!?!?!?

quinta-feira, fevereiro 13th, 2020

We know a lot of our transfer applicants are anxiously awaiting decisions and several have the exact same questions! We hear you and hope this FAQ will assist as you wait to hear from us.

When will I find out my choice?

All transfer students who put on USC for fall 2015 admission will be notified of either a choice, or a request for more info by 1 june. We are in the means of making decisions, so some learning pupils have heard back from us while many have actually not. Just it is good or bad news there are still a couple weeks until June 1 and we are making our way through all the applications because you haven’t heard from our office yet does not mean.

What does a Spring Grade Request mean?
For some students, we are not able to create a choice with the information we have. We may request to see your final spring grades to assist us in building a decision. In the event that you received a spring grade request, please send us your grades as soon because they are available. Various schools complete at different times, and so the faster you are able to deliver us your grades, the faster an admission can be got by us decision back.

Our company is mindful that numerous semester system schools finish in May and quarter that is many in June. Our admission counselors are alert to this timeline, and we are going to royal vegas be accommodating to each school that is individual but again, usually do not delay in delivering us your grades whenever we a (mais…)