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domingo, outubro 6th, 2019

I am a woman that is belgian two Moroccan grand-parents. I am perhaps maybe not Islamic, gown really Western. My features will also be fairly European (type of my nose/face) aside from my pores and skin.

Now, i am considering learning on Slavonic studies when I’m very passionate about Russia, Slavonic languages (i am currently learning Ukrainian) and Eastern European countries. There is absolutely no question i will learn this in so your answers will change nothing about that september. My studies should include a semester or two spent in A slavonic nation, ideally Russia. I might want to head to Tver, Moscow, St.-Petersburg or Gorno-Altaysk. I would personally understand Russian perfectly. I’d never be your typical tourist/student: I love backpacking and going from the beaten course; I might also make use of the possibility of being in Russia to journey to remote villages, smaller towns etc. (mais…)